50 Ways to Make Friends While Travelling 

Soon into my Working Holiday in Australia, I was posting pictures of me smiling on beaches around Sydney with my new hostel pals.  From the outside, all seemed well and good. However my first few days in Australia hadn't exactly gone smoothly especially during the first 24 hours in events you can read about here. After [...]

Dad on Horseback

Horses and Me I love horses.  I have discovered though, that horses don't always love me back which was made very clear while working on a Cattle Farm in Queensland when one threw me off onto my head during a cattle muster.  This, I will write about another day because a. I could have died [...]

Welcome to Australia 

  'So.. Why did you decide to move to Australia?' The above question was directed at me by a Dutch girl on the shuttle bus that was taking uspective hostels. I was naively unprepared for the question. 'I'm 30', I offered, 'If I don't do it now, I'll never be able to'.  It was half [...]

Byron Bay and the Foot Tickler

Strange things happen in byron Bay First of all, let me start by saying that Byron Bay, in New South Wales on the East Coast of Australia, is a very place nice indeed. Its chilled out vibe, beautiful beach, gorgeous people, awesome cafes and quirky shops all add to it being a very enjoyable place [...]

Sam of Sam's Travelling Shorts

Who is Sam of Sam’s Travelling Shorts?

Who is Sam of Sam's Travelling Shorts? That would be me! Hello.  For those who have stumbled across my blog 'Sam's Travelling Shorts' and are thinking 'Who is she? Where did they find her?'... Well, I can answer that for you. I'm a Scottish born, London grown traveller who's been trotting around Australia and New Zealand [...]